Wednesday, April 20, 2011

September Report 2009

Dear Friends,

Rosa and I are doing fine. We are continuing to enjoy our work at the prison. It is very interesting to be able to see what each day brings. Not only have we had inmates to interact with but also the officers that work there. Some of them do talk with us and they are friendly, but their job does not permit them to be easy going instead they have to be firm. Many of them tell us that they have done this work for many years and they know how the system works.

The second Sunday of September I was asked to speak at the early Sunday morning services and also the one o'clock service at the prison. I felt honored to be able to do this. It is on Sunday they have a signup sheet for baptisms.

Last Wednesday of September after the men were baptized, one inmate, his name is Ralph, came and asked me to go and be around the men that had been baptized. He said that they are always encouraged when they hear me speak. So, I did. I told them the Christian life is a life of ups and downs, but always hold on to the Word and grow in the Lord.

As he rolled me back he said he wanted to share something with Rosa and I. He said that when he was in the County jail, his wife divorced him, but he kept on writing her and through the letters she noticed a big change in him. Of course, he has become a Christian and taken every class they offer. She wrote him a few days ago and told him how sorry she was for divorcing him and that she wanted when he gets out to remarry him. This shows what God can do when in one's life.

Please continue to pray for our work at the prison. We thank everyone for the opportunity through love and support and prayers that we can do this.

Love in Christ,
Robert and Rosa

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