Wednesday, April 20, 2011

August Report 2009

Dear Friends,

We pray this finds everyone doing well. Rosa and I are doing fine. A few days ago Minnie told us that she received the news that she had passed her last CPA exam. Of course, this made us happy, and we know she does not have to worry about that anymore.

The Christians in Lisbon are doing fine. They are planning to have a Conference in October. Luis told us that he is hoping this will bring more people to Christ. We admire him so much for his zeal and willingness to help this work grow, and to be steadfast.

The work at the prison continues to go well, each day the library is a place for the men to come, and to feast on the word. We are there for them to talk with us about anything they desire, most of the conversations is about their families. They need to be encouraged that they can make it with the Lord's help when they get out in the free world.

In July 95 men obeyed the gospel, in August 72. This thrills our heart to see these men give their lives to the Lord in baptism.

One of the men that aids with the sound system during church services, has came a long way since this last month. He is from Broklynn, New York sort of a rough spoken person. He does not want anyone to tell him what to do. He was hard to get to know, because of his outside look he made people dislike him even the officers always handle him harshly. As he kept coming to the library, we begin seeing a few changes in his behavior.

He started talking to us about his two little boys and how much he would love to hear what's going on with them. It was evident to us that he had not heard anything for quite a while. One Wednesday night during church some of the men received a diploma upon completion of a class. This class is titled "Inside and Out Dad", since that day he has been a different man. He decided to give his life to the Lord in baptism, and he is taking this class. His name is Kell, please keep him in your prayers.

God is an amazing God, can we fully grasp how majestic He really is!

Thank you for your support, please keep us and the work in your prayers.

Love you all,
Robert and Rosa

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