Thursday, April 28, 2011

February Report 2011

Dear Family in Christ,

May the love of God be with each of you and your families. Rosa and I are doing fine and are enjoying the Spring weather we have been having. Our Minnie is in her fifth month of pregnancy, she is doing fine. She will go to the doctor this month and she and Sam will find out if is going to be a boy or a girl, both are very excited. We are too! Please keep them in your prayers.

God is so great! We see His majestic wonder every single day we go to the prison. We do realize that because of circumstance many people do not believe that God can possibly forgive or be in a place like the prison system. How can we limit God's power? He is the creator of every thing that is in this world. He knows our hearts, He knows our limitations. It is beyond words can express the wonderful things we see happening at the Middleton Prison.

One of our friends in Abilene invited Rosa and I to go to Bonham Elementary school to be a part of the special education class. We had a wonderful afternoon. It brought so many memories when I was that age, it gave me so much joy to be with these handicapped kids. Rosa had not ever been in a class like this before. I told her that I had been in the same physical condition as those kids were. Thanks to physical therapy I had been able to overcome many obstacles. And it is thanks to my God that I have the life that I have. It is my hope these kids will have the same opportunities that I had, but I do know there's a world of ups and downs ahead of them, but with God they can make it.

We want to express many thanks to each of you for your continuing support for Rosa and I and please keep us and the work in your prayers.

In the love of Christ,

Robert and Rosa

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