Wednesday, April 20, 2011

June Report 2009

Dear Friends,

Hope everyone has a Happy Fourth of July.

It is so wonderful that God has given us a country that we can be free to complete our desires and worship our Lord!

We talked with Luis this week by phone, and he told us that they were about to complete the final steps to purchase the place for the church to meet. This is wonderful news, that a Portuguese took the
initiative on his own to make sure the Lord's work is going to continue and will grow. This made our hearts rejoice, this is totally an indigenous work. Please continue to pray that this work will blossom and bring many souls to the truth.

This past month our work at the prison is still going so wonderful. We thank God that He has allowed us to be a part this work. Many men have given their lives to the Lord in baptism.

June the 8th we had a shock, a 21 year old man dropped dead during the Sunday services. lt put everyone present in a state of shock. He had been in the Unit for just three weeks. This brought the thought we never know when our time is over.

Alex heard me speak one Wednesday night service, the next day when we were at the library, he came in and said he wanted to talk with both of us. He showed us a picture of his little girl, she has Cerebral Palsy. He said, when he saw me, it gave him so much hope for his little girl. I tried to give him the best advice I could. I told him that I do believe with encouragement and patience his little girl will have a normal life, and for a handicap to make it in this life, is for them to get an education.

Please keep us and the work in your prayers.

Thank you all for your support.

Much love,
Robert and Rosa

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